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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I see all trainings? 

Click on the calendar link at the top of the page and you will be brought to the current month. Events will be listed in various colors: green for Park Academy trainings, orange for HR trainings, and blue for PYC trainings.  

Can I go to any training?

Unless otherwise noted, you can sign-up for any training on the calendar. Note: Park Youth Collaborative (PYC) trainings are usually specifically for park youth educators (though sometimes they do open up spots to other staff and interns who are interested in learning about the topic).

What happens if I'm a no-show?

We ask that you please manage your schedule the best you can and be courteous to the planners and teachers, as well as those who may be on the waiting list for a class, by cancelling your registration as soon as you know you can't make it. The more advance notice, the better.

Will I get reminders?

Yes. You will receive a reminder email two weeks before the training and another reminder two days before.

How does the waitlist work?

If a training that you are interested in is full, you will see an option to add yourself to the waitlist. If other participants cancel, those on the waitlist will be enrolled in the training in the order in which they joined the waitlist. You will receive an email notification if you are moved off the waitlist and enrolled in the course.

What kind of approval do I need to register?

We ask that everyone check in with their teams/supervisors before registering for a training.

Will my supervisor be alerted that I registered?

Yes. Your supervisor will receive an email confirmation when you register for a training. If you intend to participate in a training during work hours, please make sure you have your supervisor's permission.

Is there a fee for trainings?

If there is a cost for a particular training, it will be noted on the description. In this case, you will relay your departments account number to cover the costs.

What if I have a new idea for a training?

If you have an idea for a  training, or would like to instruct training, please contact

Who are the trainers?

Trainers are experts in the topics presented in the trainings. Some trainings are taught by your Parks Conservancy and National Park Service colleagues while others are taught by outside vendors.

How do I offer to lead a training?

We invite anybody who is willing to share their knowledge on a park-related topic! Please start by emailing us with your idea here.

What if I notice a technical problem with the training portal?

Please let us know by sending an email here